A Professional Services Value Collective

Our ANTONGM Professional Services Value Collective comprises of subject matter experts across a wide range of specialties including Business Strategy, Project Delivery, and Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Our value collective permits your organization to leverage an adaptive services model that closely aligns with today’s emphasis on organizational and project agility.

Our Expertise

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Our Approach

Helping our clients achieve successful project and program delivery resulting in financial and efficiency benefits over time are at the forefront of our professional services approach. Our Consultants will work with your team to design and deliver solutions which are:


We begin every engagement by gaining a detailed understanding of your intended outcomes, and we use this knowledge to create a cross functional, lifecycle-based solution.

Process Centric

ANTONGM SME’s operate on a “Process First” basis. By having a process, policy and governance framework in place that is built around the organizations’ needs instead of the current toolset, our clients can leverage new technologies without having to make radical workflow changes and risk reducing organizational agility and diminished team performance. 

Actively Manage Change

No matter the strategy or initiative, everything in business ultimately revolves around people. We embed the Prosci ADKAR change management framework into our solutions to improve rates of project success, manage internal resistance, capture “people-dependent” ROI, and improve your organizations’ capability for change.

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Whether growing requires you to attract key team members, identify an optimal merger or acquisition partner or engage support to deliver key initiatives, you can rely on the experts at ANTONGM to help your organization Connect, Transform and Grow.

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