COVID-19 has had a profound impact on all of our lives, and we have had to find innovative ways to adapt to this global pandemic. For most of corporate North America, this has meant a rapid transition to remote work, which has come with its own unique set of challenges.


One of these challenges has been attracting top industry talent at a time when traditional hiring processes are no longer possible.


In an article written by LinkedIn contributor, Bruce Andrews, he explains how recruitment professionals and prospective employers have had to adapt to this ‘new normal’ by making the switch to online. In it, he argues that this transition is incompatible with what he calls the “very high-touch human process” of hiring and has led to fewer hires, as employers have shown a reluctancy to hire individuals who they have never met face to face.


While it is true that the new remote workplace has posed some logistical hurdles for recruiters and prospective employers—particularly when it comes to the interview process—it has not changed how recruiters find ideal candidates or their client’s willingness to attract key hires. This new remote workplace has not changed prospective job seekers willingness to explore new opportunities either, provided the move will prove leveraging for their career.


As corporate North America and the global economy cautiously move towards reopening, the staffing needs of companies will only continue to grow. So too, will the availability of new and exciting opportunities. 


In Canada, we have already seen evidence of this with the recent announcements of billions of dollars of infrastructure spending in Alberta that will see many companies scrambling to find key hires with not only the skills needed to do the job, but who also align with their company and its values.


Being able to fill staffing needs comes down to implementing a well-thought out recruitment strategy that takes into account candidate motivation and the needs of the client and promotes an objective approach to exploring new opportunities.


While COVID-19 has changed how hiring is done, the fundamental approach to recruitment has stayed very much the same.

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