Recruiters won’t be hunting for a new job in 2020. At least, that’s according to an article published by Entrepreneur magazine.


The rise of new AI-based software and recruitment websites have been billed as a way for companies to bypass executive search firms and create their own talent pipelines. But, as any traditional, pick-up-the-phone recruiter will tell you, these technologies have their limitations.


The bottom line is that computers can’t judge whether a potential candidate is the 'right fit' for your client's firm. It cannot compute company culture or core value-alignment.


That is not say that high-tech recruitment solutions are all bad. Quite the opposite, actually. They just can’t be the basis of your entire recruitment and hiring strategy. As guest writer, Paul Nolan, correctly asserts in this article, “. . . executive recruiting is more art than science.”


Professional recruiters spend time getting to know candidates. They gain a clear understanding of their motivation, their career aspirations, and whether the answers they provide align with the client’s overall direction when it comes to growing and transforming their business.


No algorithm is going to do this for you.


Identifying whether a candidate is the 'right fit' for your firm requires picking up the phone and getting to know them.  

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