At Anton GM, we have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to incorporating new technologies into our recruitment practices. From electronic CRM to LinkedIn, these new digital tools have become an essential part of the successful recruiter’s toolbox. 


The question remains, however—just how effective are these new tools? According to an article by the Harvard Business Review, technologies like AI can be highly effective, provided they do not become a replacement for the entire recruitment process.


Before implementing any new technology, a recruiter first needs to understand what it does well. For research purposes, LinkedIn can be an invaluable resource and often, serves as the first point of contact with interested candidates. AI and similar technologies are good at gathering basic candidate data and can isolate which candidates have the right skillsets to do a certain job. Where recruiters tend to run into issues is when they push these technologies beyond the function they were designed to perform.


Picture a toolbox. There are many different tools to choose from and each has their own specific function. Just as you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail, you wouldn’t use an algorithm-based software to determine a candidate’s willingness to move.  


While new technologies have allowed recruitment professionals to streamline the process of identifying candidates, there are still some instances were more traditional recruitment strategies are more effective.


Consulting requires a human touch. Recruitment professionals need to be able to speak with candidates and understand their motivations and expectations. Candidates—and particularly, passive ones— need to be provided with the chance to explore new career opportunities in an objective way, where they can assess whether the opportunity will be leveraging for their career. For these things to happen, a relationship needs to be built between the recruiter and the candidate, and no tool on the market can do this for you.


While moving towards fully-automated recruitment is not the answer, neither is avoiding technology entirely. Recruiters must approach technology like their candidates approach new opportunities—with an open mind. Exploring new technologies and knowing what they can and cannot do is paramount to successfully implanting tools into your recruitment process in a way that will add the most value. 


It just comes down to understanding what’s in your toolbox.

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